Monthly Archives: December 2009

Weekly Soup

Every week Erma and Yolanda cook up a huge pot of soup over an outdoor fire.

They transfer it to insulated servers and load up the van, along with milk and peanut butter, and assorted clothing and blankets.
The trip is made to a poor part of town where church services and activities for kids precede the feast! Continue reading


New Uniforms for the Vicente Guerrero Firemen

Here is a picture of the Vicente Guerrero firemen in their new uniforms. Earl Braun, a generous donor from Swift Current, Sask CA donated about 50 uniforms in October 2009. These were distributed to Vicente Guerrero, San Quintin & El Rosario fire departments.

Christmas 2009

The season is upon us – many blessings and God’s grace be upon you and your family!

Hello world!

Welcome to The Erma Fennell Foundation for needy children.  This website exists to bring Erma to the world and, of course, the world to Erma.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: to provide relief from povery in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico