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Update – Photos of Flood Relief Effort

The following is an account with photos of the supplies and crew brought down to Vicente Guerrero area by Children of the Americas. Along with Erma and her volunteers, relief efforts were carried out in the hardest-hit areas around Vicente Guerrero. Thanks to Dave Brisbin for this story. 

Thanks to Children of the Americas for over 120 blankets, tarps, rope, clothing, warm stocking caps and mittens and jackets, mattresses, misc. necessities, and importantly, well over 2 tons/4,000pounds of food, some of which was purchased in bulk in Mexico. Continue reading


El Socorrito

Yesterday, on our way south to the rehab at El Socorrito, I had an urge to visit Miguel. He is a disabled young man who crawls on the ground when not in his motorized cart. His humble home, which he shares with his mother & sister, had been flooded. His cart had been covered with water & refused to start due to the water damage. Most everything they own was lost. Their beds & clothing were washed away & they were trying to look through the rubble, along with other families, for anything they could salvage & use. We could see for miles that this area was flooded still. Another ministry had been there with food bags but are asking for mattresses. If you wish to help, please send your donations to our Foundation in Victoria, B.C. Canada at:

Erma Fennell Foundation
c/o Geog & Lorraine Hett, Directors
2833 Lake End Rd.
Victoria, B.C. V9B 2W2

Phone: 250-478-2727


February 4, 2010, Thursday afternoon, we visited the worst hit area of Camalu, a community about 11 kms. north of Vicente Guerrero. Friends from California arrived yesterday with more tarps, food & blankets. We began our trek there on a road made through the mud, walking or driving from house to house. We saw people with shovels trying to
clean the mud out of their houses. People spread their belongings about their yards, trying to reclaim what was soggy wet & damaged. Most of it was beyond repair. At the second house … Continue reading

Mama Espinosa – Jan 1/10 Visit

Early morning – New Years Day 2010, the EFF white van is packed & ready. It is time to make a delivery to Mama Espinosa in El Rosario, about an hour’s drive south of Vicente Guerrero along the Baja peninsula. For Erma, it’s a routine trip, made at least once monthly for over 20 years, but today, we are excited about the prospect of not only another delivery but a hearty breakfast at Mama’s Restaurant. Her family run motel & restaurant sits right on Highway1, where in 1973, the pavement ended. From this point on (about 1200 kms) south to Cabo San Lucas, it was only a dirt road. Mama often says, “bad roads bring good people, good roads bring all kinds of people.” Today, we are blessed by the generosity of Canadian friends – Wayne, Elsie & Robert. Continue reading

The Worst Storm In 60 Years to Hit Northern Baja

That’s what some local people are saying about the storm that hit Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico with a vengeance late afternoon on Wednesday, January 27th 2010. It came from the north and hit Tijuana & Ensenada first & then east towards Tecate & Mexicali, while continuing its rampage southwards down the Baja Peninsula. We were warned that the storm was coming but many did not understand how seriously we would be affected by it; however, others quickly began preparing for its onslaught. Local stores did a booming trade as stores quickly filled with customers & shelves were emptied of food, water & other essentials. People bought as much as they could afford & then hurried home to protect their houses & families. Some were uncertain of what to do & did nothing while others were fascinated by the awesome intensity of it all. Soon, the streets emptied. Continue reading

Relief Caravan Mission to Mulege Area – Part 1

On Jan 14/10 a small caravan of 4 vehicles (2 pick-up trucks, a truck camper and a motorhome) and its 16 passengers – 14 field workers (Erma, Dennis, Norm, Sharon, Christina, Tim, Warren, George, Victor, Josephina, Hannibal, Nancy, Abram & Emily) and a couple who needed transportation to Guerrero Negro, left Erma’s compound at 6:00 a.m. Guerrero Negro-bound, the first leg of our mission trip. It is about a 4 hour drive south of Vicente Guerrero. Abram drove the motorhome as he was the most experienced driver for this task and it was used as his residence shared with Emily & Odessa. Emily was in charge … Continue reading

Christmas 2009

So much has happened since I last wrote. God blessed our Christmas activities, once again, as we gave of our time and resources to bring a measure of joy and cheer into the lives of of many.

Dec 20 – My neighbour Yolanda & I made dinner for the El Socorrito Rehab residents.

Dec 20 – We delivered a playground set for a family of 7 children in a camp. We found 8 families living in this camp in great need. I said, “We have to do something.” Yolanda made soup, Carol bought tortillas and we took milk, toys and clothing on our return trip. Victor brought his guitar and we had a good service in a place which was meant to be a school – one plastic wall, a table and desks for the kids, a piece of tarp over the teacher’s table. We were told that a teacher had come but quit because of the conditions. It was a great time with them. A few days later, we returned with 12 blankets which arrived in our motorhome on Dec 24th. Now more families have come and there are 14 families in the camp. We are considering the possibility of helping with ministry in this place called Rancho Francisca. Continue reading