Christmas 2009

So much has happened since I last wrote. God blessed our Christmas activities, once again, as we gave of our time and resources to bring a measure of joy and cheer into the lives of of many.

Dec 20 – My neighbour Yolanda & I made dinner for the El Socorrito Rehab residents.

Dec 20 – We delivered a playground set for a family of 7 children in a camp. We found 8 families living in this camp in great need. I said, “We have to do something.” Yolanda made soup, Carol bought tortillas and we took milk, toys and clothing on our return trip. Victor brought his guitar and we had a good service in a place which was meant to be a school – one plastic wall, a table and desks for the kids, a piece of tarp over the teacher’s table. We were told that a teacher had come but quit because of the conditions. It was a great time with them. A few days later, we returned with 12 blankets which arrived in our motorhome on Dec 24th. Now more families have come and there are 14 families in the camp. We are considering the possibility of helping with ministry in this place called Rancho Francisca.

Dec 22nd – Three turkeys were cooked, carved and delivered – with a large pot of dressing and gravy – to a local hall where our annual seniors Christmas dinner was served. We shared the meal with them and then gave each of them a gift bag.

By Christmas Day all the children we minister to in three different areas had all received shoeboxes or a bag of gifts. Praise the Lord.

Dec 24th – We provided desserts and home baking for the residents of Esperanza Rehab Centre. More than 100 residents enjoyed their meal and the presence of visitors on Christmas Eve.

December 25 we had a turkey dinner across the road with Abram and Emily, Emily’s two sons and wife of one, plus other friends we invited. … but not all came. Hannibal (one of the invited guests) and his wife arrived very late for dinnner with this story. They were in a
park south of here and saw a man with 8 children eating marshmallows. Hannibal stopped to see what this was about and the man told him 4 of the children were his and the other 4 were his sister’s children – their father was in jail and the mother had left the kids. The uncle and his wife took them in but they had no money for gifts, so he was
giving them marshmallows as a treat. Hannibal had some toys in his car so he gave them to the children and then took them to their home which was a rented upstairs residence. We had food left over from our dinner so we quickly packed up a large aluminum foil pan with our leftovers and some fruit, plus some gifts & toys for the children and took it to them that night. When Hannibal, Robert & I returned that
night, we saw that the stairway up to their residence was a “death trap” – so old and shaky. One child had already fallen down on it. The top step was only held up by a crowbar. I said, “We have to build a stairway right away.” Monday morning the material was delivered and within 3 days a very solid stairway was built. Two of the kids were sleeping on cardboard on the cement floor so I sent Victor to buy two
mattresses and material and a set of bunk beds was built immediately.

We went to San Telmo ministry this afternoon with the soup, peanut
butter, tortillas and milk. It’s New Year’s Eve tonight so we are going to Mario’s Sembrador Rehab to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Tomorrow we go to El Rosario. Wayne (Emily’s son) and his wife Elsie have bought 6 sacks of rice and beans and other necessities to give to the poor there through Mama Espinoza.

I missed my natural family but God has given me such a big family here … He has been so faithful.


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