February 4, 2010, Thursday afternoon, we visited the worst hit area of Camalu, a community about 11 kms. north of Vicente Guerrero. Friends from California arrived yesterday with more tarps, food & blankets. We began our trek there on a road made through the mud, walking or driving from house to house. We saw people with shovels trying to
clean the mud out of their houses. People spread their belongings about their yards, trying to reclaim what was soggy wet & damaged. Most of it was beyond repair. At the second house … …we met a young man who spoke English. He was willing to go with us to the most needy families. One family was the home of the little dwarf girl, Isabel. Usually a happy & smiling child, she only stared at us with a blank look & appeared confused & very sad when we tried to talk to her. Initially, what looked like heaps of trash, turned out, in fact, to be their belongings drying in the sun. Wet mud & water covered most of it. We had only a little food, blankets, tarps & clothing to give to them but will return when more supplies arrive. I was moved to tears as we prayed with these families and asked God to help them in their time of dire need.

Erma Fennell


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