Update – Photos of Flood Relief Effort

The following is an account with photos of the supplies and crew brought down to Vicente Guerrero area by Children of the Americas. Along with Erma and her volunteers, relief efforts were carried out in the hardest-hit areas around Vicente Guerrero. Thanks to Dave Brisbin for this story. 

Thanks to Children of the Americas for over 120 blankets, tarps, rope, clothing, warm stocking caps and mittens and jackets, mattresses, misc. necessities, and importantly, well over 2 tons/4,000pounds of food, some of which was purchased in bulk in Mexico.  

One of the devastated homes in Camalu. Piles of mud in front yard as clothing and bedding is hung out to dry--tarps attempting to water seal the roof.


“What we witnessed yesterday in the Camalu area outside Vincente Guererro was heartbreaking. The families that we saw seemed to be torn between shellshock and despair as they led us into their humble little shacks to show us the mud and havoc that came two weeks ago….many said that water just rushed in suddenly and was knee-high or up to their waists in some instances….and most people sleep on the floor with a bare mattress at best! We just didn’t know what to say or how we could help but we are forever grateful to our COTA donors because we were able to give them food, blankets and tarps, which they were very thankful for. I can’t express enough how grateful we were for all that food…to have been in the position of walking away from those people and leaving them empty-handed would have been too much….we couldn’t have gone there had we not had something to give.” 

Amazingly, with Norm’s camper filled to the rafters, front to back and side to side, the crew was stopped only momentarily at the border and let go through. Norm was joined by Sharon Harris, her daughter Christina, and Tony Salas, who shot most of these images. The crew teamed up with Erma Fennel, director of her own foundation based in VG, which was the staging area for distribution. At her facility, the bulk food was divided up into family-sized portions, “dispensas,” and routes were planned to outlying villages that were hardest hit by the storms and floods. The crews left Wednesday, Feb 3, at 5AM and arrived in the early afternoon. The day was spent prepping and then distributing. The crew spent Wednesday night at the Fennel Foundation facility, then got up early Thursday morning to continue distributing before heading home. Here’s more of the story… 

Volunteers at the Erma Fennel Foundation helping unload the COTA mattresses and food.




Brand new, disaster blankets from 1st Southern Baptist church--very warm.


Erma Fennel helping prep the food for distribution.


The assembly line.


A look at part of the load awaiting distribution to families.


For more information on Children of the Americas, see http://www.americaschildren.org


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