Monthly Archives: March 2010

Addition to EFF Accommodation Inventory

March is a very busy month – with spring break occurring in both Canada and the United States – when students and some of their parents use the break from school to travel. Some join a group, such as Hero Holiday, while others make their own arrangements with Erma to accommodate a family or individuals. As it turned out – a few weeks ago, we were overbooked for the amount of bed space that we had. Solution? An extreme makeover of the “shed” that sits in Juan & Tami Soderberg’s compound. Continue reading

Mission Outreach – Guerrero Negro and Beyond

It was early morning on March 18, 2010, when nine of us – Norm, Sharon, Christina, Warren, Hannibal, George, I, and Luis and Arturo from the rehab at Sembrador – left the compound with two pick-ups and a suburban fully packed. Our destination was a mission to Guerrero Negro and San Francisco de la Sierra. The hills, mountains and valleys were all greener than normal due to all of the rain which had fallen recently. We stopped along the way to drop off some rice and beans and, for a short visit with Mama Espinosa. Arturo got his guitar out … Continue reading

Relief Caravan Mission to Mulege Area – Part 2

……and now the “fun” part of what we did on this mission trip! A few of us managed to extend the three day trip to what turned out to be eleven days. Please read on as I take you back to Day 1 after we arrived in Guerrero Negro on January 14, 2010.

The name of the city comes from the whaling ship – the Black Warrior, which was shipwrecked in 1858 in nearby waters. Guerrero Negro is the largest town located in the Municipality of Mulege and is the point of entry to the Mexican State of Baja California Sur. This city of 20,000 is basically a support town for one of the world’s largest systems of salt water evaporation ponds. It produces over three million tons of … Continue reading

Consul Sask. Group Builds a House

A few weeks ago, under the leadership of Don & Kathy Smith, a group from Consul, Sask., CA built a house for a single mother with two girls. It was a blessing to see the Lord at work through his servants. The youth had a blast ministering to the kids in the area, while the women in the group helped the men get the walls assembled and raised. Continue reading