Addition to EFF Accommodation Inventory

March is a very busy month – with spring break occurring in both Canada and the United States – when students and some of their parents use the break from school to travel. Some join a group, such as Hero Holiday, while others make their own arrangements with Erma to accommodate a family or individuals. As it turned out – a few weeks ago, we were overbooked for the amount of bed space that we had. Solution? An extreme makeover of the “shed” that sits in Juan & Tami Soderberg’s compound. Within a week, it was ready for occupancy, with some limitations. The original plan was to make and install six sets of bunks ( five in the bunkhouse and one in the guest house), increasing our bed inventory by twelve. Reality? Four sets of bunks were installed – three in the EFF Bunkhouse and one in the guest
house. The additional two sets of bunks had to be installed after our guests left.

Everyone who sees the bunkhouse and remembers what it used to look like, is truly amazed at the makeover!  With a crew of three, (Warren, Christina and Norman – who came from Orange County, CA to assist for the week), Abram indeed made the proverbial “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. The result is a cozy and comfortable hideaway for ten people, complete with a comfortable bunk bed(bedding supplied),  a shower, sink and toilet. In addition, a small sitting room equipped with a love seat, lazy-boy chair and table for laptop or office use is provided. And it comes with a brand new handpainted sign appropriately named – “EFF Bunkhouse”. It does not come with a kitchen, as it was
designed to use in conjunction with the guest house which is fully equipped to accommodate up to eight people, or for those who want only a place to sleep.

Just another option for those volunteers who are alone or part of a smaller group. To reserve accommodation by e-mail write to:


One response to “Addition to EFF Accommodation Inventory

  • Vickie Millhouse

    July 24th- August 1st 2010 was our 5th trip coming down from Lake Stevens Family Church in Washington State to assisit with Erma’s ministry. We were a adult team of 7 building a house for a mom and 2 kids.(Teresista, Victor and Yuliza). We have stayed in Tammy’s house 3 times before, we love it. We were excited to se the addition when we arrived and it worked out perfectly. We were able to put the 4 men in the bunkhouse and 3 women stayed in the main house. Lots of space and very comfortable. This is a perfect place for a group to say and have great fellowship. This year 8-10 of us will be down in July again and we will stay at Tammy’s house and use the bunkhouse. God does great things in this Valley. Vickie

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