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Des Reigh Talks About His Discovery of / Being Lead to Erma’s Mission

My name is Des Reigh.

It all started with me joining a Spanish language class, when it was soon suggested  by a class mate, wouldn’t it be fun for us all to go on a winter holiday,  to Mexico where we could practice our newly learned language.   Well,  it wasn’t long before we found  “The Erma Fennell Foundation for Needy Children “  was accepting groups to come down to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California  to build houses for  farm workers who were living in rather poor conditions.

A team of thirty five people, class mates and friends, were the first group of seniors to go down and work on such a project.  They were willing to work on garage sales, hot dog sales, car washes, etc, and generally solicit friends for cash so that we could buy the materials to build houses for two families.

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Update on the Daisi Mai Daycare Center

Good morning everyone!

I finally have an update for you all about the Daisi Mai Daycare Center.  I know that it must be frustrating for all of you up there waiting and hoping for the daycare to open and not being able to easily find out what is going on.  It has been quite an ordeal and at times quite frustrating here as well as we waited and waited for inspectors to come, papers to be signed, information to be given about other official things that needed to be done, etc.  I am joyed to finally be able to report that all the red tape has been cleared and we are on the one month (approx.) count down until we actually have children in there and the daycare officially up and running.

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How the Daisy Mai Daycare in San Telmo Came Into Being

From Bill Copeland

The following is a short history of how the San Telmo day-care project evolved.  There were numerous individuals and organizations that donated funds to help make this idea a reality. I think that rather than naming everyone and risk offending or forgetting someone it would be sufficient to say that the help came from B.C., Alberta,Sask, the U.S. and even Austria.  The people that travelled to Mexico to work on the day-care are named below as I don’t believe that will be a problem.

February Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry for taking so long to get a newsletter out to you. The ministry keeps growing and we are reaching out to more people with the Gospel and doing our best to supply for the physical and economical needs of the local communities.

Another year has gone by with many tests and trials, but also very many blessings in many places and many ways. When God abundantly blesses, the devil gets mad and will try to destroy but will not succeed since we have God on our side.

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Good morning from Emily – Early January 2011

This is a message Mom sent on January 4, 2011 – again, just a note to home but she describes another need being met by the angels working with and for Erma.

This morning, Abram & I served a ham/eggs/cheese etc. casserole I prepared last night and baked at 6:00 this morning. Abram made fresh corn muffins and we served sliced oranges and mangoes, coffee etc. I made a double batch and didn’t have that much left over. There were 8 of us for breakfast.

The guys went to San Telmo to finish off some work on the Daisy Daycare facility – we hope to have the dedication within the week and the facility operational next week. The guys are finishing a firewall and have to put a water tank up on a raised platform. Unfortunately, the tank that was on the front deck waiting for installation, disappeared over the holidays – in spite of the fact that the school yard is fenced in by a chainlink fence and the gate was padlocked. A new tank had to be purchased yesterday and water will be delivered once the tank is installed on its platform today, so it shouldn’t disappear again.

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Christmas greetings from Abe and Emily

This was originally sent in early December 2010. It has a nice summary of some of the things the amazing Erma accomplishes.

It is just past 6:00 this morning and I am waiting for Abram to get up. There is no sun yet and the ocean fog hangs heavy over our compound – different, as the sun is usually shining when we get up.

Last week he went to the San Telmo outreach, where we usually feed about 200 kids and adults each week- to help with the Christmas gift and food distribution. The next day, I accompaned him and others on another outreach to a community in the hills beyond San Quintin to what is known as the “Cardboard Church”, and indeed, it is a structure made of pallets and covered with cardboard. The roof is made of clear plastic sheeting stretched over
the area, and strapped down with some black plastic irrigation tape. Some crudely made seats line the walls over the dirt floors and quickly the area fills to capacity when they hear the music of Arturo’s guitar and our singing – Mexicans love to sing. Of course, everything is in Spanish and Abram & I struggle to understand it all most of the time but we do provide support as needed occasionally.

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The New Ambulance

This was Abram’s project this week – great job! The finished product with owner Hannibal Reyes.