An Update from Early December – everyday stuff

Today was hot! Temp was +30 last time I looked about noon. Abram has been working on an old ambulance vehicle that Hannibal had donated for his Rescue Missions. Abram spray painted it twice and was doing the signage today. It looks incredible actually. Hannibal is bound to be pleased as punch!!

We got neighboours last night. They arrived by bus from Tiquana after flying to San Diego from Sask. We learned today that they come from a farming community east of Saskatoon and know Abram’s niece and her family – it’s a small world! The young couple have two preschool boys and the grandparents are here with them. They’re here for two weeks. It’s different having kids about. Tyrone is about two and the baby about five mos.

We had to buy a washer (used) as the old one quit spinning dry. It cost 2000 pesos (about $180. Cdn) and looks like new. It’s a Kenmore (Sears) make and a fairly recent model. I’ve got my laundry caught up once again!

Our internet connection has been acting up this week but Saul came by last night and got it working again. Hope it’s the last of my
headaches with the internet as I do not want to be so isolated without communication access.

Mom (Emily)


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