May 2010 Trip Down South

Mama Espinoza was out of rice and beans so Arturo drove and we went to El Rosario to visit her. I felt we should visit a young man across the river that is in a wheel chair and a poor family so we took a food bag and adult diapers. Mama and Rolly and her husband were waiting to tell us about this young man. His family is making payments on a lot in Padre Kino behind the Coca Cola plant and the boy and his mother want to move there so he can go to high school.  A man in WA. is going to finance this if i can find people to build it. I assured them we can do that. We tried to find the lot by the drawing he gave us but gave up so next week the office will be open and someone will show us exactly where it is. There are several cardboard houses in this area that all need houses.  I must close for now. A group is coming tomorrow.
God bless. In His glorious service.

On the Wings Of Angels
Erma C. Fennell


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