Wayne is a very bad boy …

Okay the answer to the question “Why is Erma’s website so terribly out of date” is …. Wayne!!!!!  It’s Wayne’s fault, totally and 100%-ly.  Your dear people are working hard and God knows, lately it hasn’t been easy … and I have not done what I said I would do.  Emily (my mom) has been faithfully sending me stories to post and pictures and oh Lord, I have just kept on … well, just not doing it.  No excuse.  There is no excuse for this long an absence.

I once read if you’re too busy for the Lord … you’re too busy.  I’m sad to say it’s taken the death of my father to shake some ever-loving sense into my noggin … and here I am.  To honour my dad and my mom … I’m trying again.

I will be posting a number of back-logged stories, and getting various people to supply me with updates … bear with us!

Yours in God once again,


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