Good morning from Emily – Early January 2011

This is a message Mom sent on January 4, 2011 – again, just a note to home but she describes another need being met by the angels working with and for Erma.

This morning, Abram & I served a ham/eggs/cheese etc. casserole I prepared last night and baked at 6:00 this morning. Abram made fresh corn muffins and we served sliced oranges and mangoes, coffee etc. I made a double batch and didn’t have that much left over. There were 8 of us for breakfast.

The guys went to San Telmo to finish off some work on the Daisy Daycare facility – we hope to have the dedication within the week and the facility operational next week. The guys are finishing a firewall and have to put a water tank up on a raised platform. Unfortunately, the tank that was on the front deck waiting for installation, disappeared over the holidays – in spite of the fact that the school yard is fenced in by a chainlink fence and the gate was padlocked. A new tank had to be purchased yesterday and water will be delivered once the tank is installed on its platform today, so it shouldn’t disappear again.

Yesterday, Abram & Ted built the forms for a house they are building for a needy family in an adjoining community and tomorrow they will pour the concrete. This family is almost destitute – a grandma is trying to care for four kids while the dad works in the fields trying to feed his family and pay for a piece of land at $20/mo. The mother abandoned the kids and the grandma is a diabetic and had a leg amputated – she gets around on a homemade prosthesis and walker. The six of them live in a small dilapidated trailer not really fit for human habitation. It’s absolutely astounding how some people have to live in such dire circumstances. There is so much need here.

Ted is driving into Ensenada on Friday and we are going along with him. Ted is going in for some windows for the house and we are checking out the cost of some unfinished kitchen cabinets for Erma’s kitchen (she doesn’t know about it). I would very much like to install some decent cupboards for her and we would use hers for a local kitchen. Dennis Scraba is bringing a group here on Monday. Judy (Erma’s daughter) & Paul and Erma’s eldest son will be coming with him. We will have three couples staying next door and the rest will be in the dorm or wherever they choose to stay. Erma is excited!

Sounds as if my washer is done so must hang up my sheets or they won’t get dry before the fog rolls in……… life here is different!



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