Update on the Daisi Mai Daycare Center

Good morning everyone!

I finally have an update for you all about the Daisi Mai Daycare Center.  I know that it must be frustrating for all of you up there waiting and hoping for the daycare to open and not being able to easily find out what is going on.  It has been quite an ordeal and at times quite frustrating here as well as we waited and waited for inspectors to come, papers to be signed, information to be given about other official things that needed to be done, etc.  I am joyed to finally be able to report that all the red tape has been cleared and we are on the one month (approx.) count down until we actually have children in there and the daycare officially up and running.

What are we waiting on now you might be wondering?  Well, we had a meeting yesterday with Pastor Santos (from the church in San Telmo) and his wife, Sara, (who will be in charge and one of the caretakers of the daycare).

They are still searching for the perfect (or at the very least, a suitable) helper for Sara so that they can care for more children, since they are only allowed 4-5 children per caretaker.

Also, Sara has said that it is important for the daycares to provide food (breakfast and lunch) for the children since their parents will not be sending food with them.  This means we need to find a source to provide for this need.  Right now, there is a sink and cabinets in the kitchen of the daycare center, but no stove.  In order to make the food, they will need a stove.

As we wait for the Lord to provide for these needs, Sara will get started on cleaning up, organizing, and pulling all the weeds around the daycare and getting it ready for the children and the official dedication.

Lastly, we have come to find out that there are going to be annual fees (land taxes and something called a pedrial) for the two lots of land that the daycare center is on.  This will come to about $1000 a year.  The lawyer told us that because of this and because the daycare center is in the Foundation’s name, but is in a separate location from the rest of the Foundation’s property, we will need to create a separate bank account (here in Mexico) dedicated to the financial needs of Daisi Mai.  It will need to have at least $200 in it at all times.

Prayer requests:

-Pastor Santos and Sara find the perfect, caring, loving, and responsible woman to be the other caretaker of the children.

-A stove would be provided for the daycare.

-The annual financial needs would be provided.

I know that you have all, already, invested SO much in this daycare center, but we are FINALLY almost there!  These are the absolute LAST steps.  We have no more legal tape to go through, these last few things depend on us alone and how fast we can provide for the physical needs of the daycare center.  Please prayerfully consider how you or your church groups might be able to help finally get this going.  Praise the Lord we are almost there!!

In His Service,
Christina Harris

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