How the Daisy Mai Daycare in San Telmo Came Into Being

From Bill Copeland

The following is a short history of how the San Telmo day-care project evolved.  There were numerous individuals and organizations that donated funds to help make this idea a reality. I think that rather than naming everyone and risk offending or forgetting someone it would be sufficient to say that the help came from B.C., Alberta,Sask, the U.S. and even Austria.  The people that travelled to Mexico to work on the day-care are named below as I don’t believe that will be a problem.

Nov-Dec 2006     Mission to Vicente Guerrero Baja Mexico. This trip was organized by Becky and Charles Roberts of Global Youth Impact of Penticton, B.C. This was the first trip during which they would be taking adults instead of youths on a mission trip to a third world country. The mission was to build two houses for needy farm workers and their families.  These houses were built under the umbrella of the Erma Fennell Foundation, While in Mexico, a few people from this group saw another great need. (Education)

Feb 2007-Mar 2007    A small group from this first trip met and discussed whether or not to attempt to build a school. During this meeting we called Geoff Hett of the Erma Fennell Foundation to discuss our idea, and he agreed that it would be a good thing, We decided to go for it and I called Becky Roberts who was now living in Vicente Guerrero, to ask her to do some research for us into the feasibility of building a school.

June 2007    I travelled to Vicente Guerrero with Ed Greenwood and Pastor David Collins in a wheelchair van that Ed had purchased to donate to Erma’s foundation. While there we viewed some property that was available for purchase.  When we returned home Becky had sent and email with the research she had done for us.  She had found that the Government would not allow us to build a school but would allow a day-care.  Our small group decided to go ahead and raised the money and  purchased two lots through the Erma Fennell Foundation in Oct 2007.

Jan 2008-May 2008    We have now raised sufficient funds to put a fence around the property, and this should be done in April.  As soon as we have confirmation of the fence being done we will be pouring the concrete slab for the day-care. After the slab is poured we will require approximately $10,000 dollars to complete the building.

June 2008-July 2008    The slab was poured in June, and building of the day-care was started in July.  As of the end of July the walls are completely up.

Aug 2008-Sept 2008    Erma is in Canada raising money for her foundation. so the day-care is on hold until she returns to Mexico in early Sept.

Sept 17 2008-Oct 1 2008    Des Reigh and I travelled to Mexico.  We helped build roof trusses for the day-care and helped put them up.  As of the end of Sept the roof is complete on the building.

Oct 2008    We are waiting for Geoff and Lorraine Hett of the Erma Fennell Foundation to travel to Mexico and give us up to date information on the amount required to complete the project.

Apr – May 2009    Ed Greenwood, David Collins, Greg Ridd and I insulated the ceiling and installed panelling on the ceiling inside and out. We had an outhouse built, and painted the day-care.  We also bought cabinets with a sink for the kitchen.

Oct 2009    Ed Greenwood, David Collins, Pastor Don Bodden and his son Jim and I built office and kitchen dividers and fixed the sagging ceiling panels.  We installed the kitchen cabinets. The railing that Pastor Santos built for us was installed on the front porch of the building.  While we were there a group from a church in Banff built a playground for us on the day-care grounds.

Mar 2010    Abe Toews has painted a sign for the day-care,  Des and Sharron Reigh and my wife Rosemary and I saw that it was installed and took some pictures.

Jan 2011    I just had word from Des that Emily has emailed him with some pictures and news that a required classroom partition wall has been built by Abe and Victor, and that the day-care is going to be dedicated on Thursday Jan 13, 2011 so that it can be opened at long last. Once it is open there will be an ongoing need to fund the operation of the day-care.
Bill Copeland

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