Dear friends and family of Erma Fennell,

It is with great sadness, but inexplicable peace, that I report to all of you that this Easter morning around 8AM, Erma went to be with the Lord.  She was walking up to the early morning Easter Service for the Mission Church and other surrounding churches at the top of a hill in Valle Tranquilo.  On the way up, she had a heart attack and was not able to be recessitated by the doctor, Pastor Avitia.  As we kept saying, what better way and time for her to go than serving the Lord on the day we celebrate His resurrection and life.  Please keep her family and friends and all the people that she has touched down here with her life in your prayers.  What a great example she has been to all of us, serving the Lord to her dying day.  I can hardly believe it’s true.

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In His Peace,
Christina Harris

Erma Fennell Foundation (Erma’s personal account)
011-52-616-166-3116 (office number)
P.O. Box 8010
Chula Vista, CA 91910 (address for donations)

14 responses to “Erma

  • Pauline and Gary Swaren

    It is with great sadness we respond to the news of the passing of Erma. We are thankful to have known her and for her faithfulness to the calling of the Lord.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family, extended family and those Erma worked with.
    God bless

  • Judith Ibbs

    What a blessing Erma’s life has been and will continue to be through the Erma Fennell Foundation. As the mantle of blessing is passed on to the next servant may that person be as sold out to God as their predecessor. There is no end to the eternal blessings when a life is sold out to God. We look forward to the continuation of this great journey with Jesus at the wheel. You are all in our prayers.

  • Myriam

    I went on my first mission trip with my church and we worked with her in serving the needy in Baja California. She was an wonderful woman of God.

  • Vickie and Joe Millhouse

    Praise God, Erma is at home with our lord. Yes she will be missed for her smile,laughter, endless devoted work and love she spread while on earth.She will be remembered for her kindness, sacrifices and how she spread the word of God. We pray for her family and friends, also that her work will continue. I am so blessed to have known Erma for the past 6 years and her minstry.Vickie

  • Marcia Hogg

    We are saddened by this news but rejoicing that God chose this Resurrection Sunday to take her home without pain and without suffering. What a gracious ending to a passionate life. She has influenced Murray and me so greatly with her living testimony. I loved it how she rarely even took time to chitchat with us over a coffee because there was too much pressing work to be done. No time to waste! We always had to chase after her to talk at all. I loved watching her joyful face when she was interacting with “the least of these”… and how the Mexicans and Oaxacans would run to meet her, smiling all the way. What a blessing and witness she has been to so many. Looking forward to reuniting with her in glory.

  • The Hogg Family

    Erma has touched the life of so many. An incredible Godly woman with an amazing ministry and testimony. She will be missed by so many individuals who worked with her and whom she ministered to. VG will not be the same without Erma! Praying for Erma’s family in Canada,her many friends and everyone in VG who’s life were touched!

  • Robert Overbo

    I was saddened to hear of Erma’s passing this morning. It’s really quite interesting..I was talking to my aunt at Easter dinner today and the subject was regarding Erma and the mission. To receive a text message regarding Erma’ passing just after we finished talking about her is quite astounding.

    It was a very humbling experience being able to work with Erma during my visit to Mexico. To see her help so many people before she would do things for herself was inspiring.

    Over the last 5 months I have faced my share of sadness too…a life threatening staph infection, the death of my dad in a car crash on January 7th and then the passing of my 16week old baby 11 days later.

    I would encourage all to remember Erma, not with tears or sadness but with praise and thankfullness for the many years of humanitarian work she has done. Her work here on earth is done but there is sill so mch more that needs doing. I hope the ministry continues and indeed, flourishes with a tremendous volunteer spirit that has come to touch so many lives in need in Mexico.

    My prayers are with you all during this time. Sincerely, Robert Overbo

  • Mikey Trexel

    Last year was my first missions trip down south, and I was forever changed by what I saw and the people I met. Erma was such a blessing to many, and the news of her passing is shocking. She truly was the woman that just kept going. I am comforted to know that she has left us to join her Lord. She has gone home where she can be as healthy as she was when she first started her amazing journey.

    I will continue to have the foundation in my prayers as they move forward and carry on the important work that Erma was so dedicated.


  • debra cole

    How wonderful to know Erma went home into the arms of Jesus on his resurrection day. It was a true honor to know her and her ministry What a blessing she was to the teams that came down and to the people of San Quintin!!! She gave of herself as a true servant of the Lord does. What a woman God has in heaven. I pray this ministry flourishes in the years ahead not only as an honor to Jesus but to the hard work with love Erma gave to all. May you rest in HIS arms Erma. We love you

  • Becky Petersen

    Erma’s passing into Glory on Resurrection Sunday, is from the Father to call His beloved daughter home. Her love for the poor and willingness to bring the Gospel to all in the Baja was well know up and down the peninsula. I have never met anyone with so much love and compassion for the people of the area. She taught many the importance of trusting God to provide, yet finding ways to meet the various needs of the people. I know, I learned much from her in the 20 years I had the privilege to know, support and pray for her and the ministry. Rejoice with Jesus, my friend!

  • Eduardo Manzano

    When we served as missionaries in VG, Erma lived right behind our house, and we had many wonderful times of sipping tea and coffee, praying, and just enjoying her company. She will be truly missed and we pray for those she has touched with her life, that they will continue her legacy and will reach out to the hurting, the homeless and the unloved. We look forward to seeing her in heaven someday.
    Eduardo and Cherie Manzano

  • Jez H

    I don’t even know how to feel right now. I went down to work with the EFF this past spring break and she changed me forever. As comforting as it is to know she is not in pain but is instead resting with the Lord, it just seems impossible to me that this woman who was so full of life and love isn’t there anymore.

  • Janie Chavez

    As so many others have stated I was shocked when I received the news of Erma’s passing….she was always so full of life and more energetic then some people half her age…. I attended the service for her yesterday and it was comforting to hear all the love and testimonies that people shared on how she touched hearts and lives here…. I don’t know that Erma ever realized how much our friendship meant to me or how much I loved her….she will be greatly missed but am comforted in knowing that she did not suffer and that she is home with Jesus….until the date we meet again in heaven Erma….you will not be forgotten….

    • Abram & Emily Toews

      It was my privilege to meet Erma Fennel approximately twelve years ago on a mission trip to Baja Mexico. Since then, my wife and I have been involved with the Erma Fennel foundation on an ongoing basis, and it is our intention to continue to do so. She always inspired us with her energetic approach to everything. Her love and care for the poor people of Mexico has been a shining example of Christianity in action,and I believe that will be her legacy to her family and those who supported and loved her.

      Abram Toews

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