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The Service is Done ….

… wellllll sort of. An hour later and people are still lingering … chatting. I almost expect to step out into a cool Baja night and head back to Erma’s compound fir cake and a sit down around her outdoor fire pit. Cars will drive by playing all kinds of lively music. If it’s Christmas the Coke bottles will start exploding soon. And at 8 am the band down the street will start rehearsing. The neighbour’s rooster will keep crowing on and off all day. And two things will be sure to be happening …. people will be stopping by and Erma will


The Service

About 25 speakers spoke.

Someone is relating the vision Erma had before she went to Mexico – of someone speaking the Gospel to brown skinned people on a hill.  That person of course was her.

We’re at Emmanuel Church in Calgary.  The pastor is speaking of Erma’s service here at the church in the early 70’s, and their calling to Mexico.

We’re singing” Because He Lives”

What a great celebration this had been!

The Service

A couole of Erma’s grandsons are speaking now. They talk of such joy at learning about their grandma and discovering what she was really like. She told them “my heart is here. When you find your calling, you’ll know why I stay.”

Stiiilllll people are telling stories … what a wide range of things she was involved in down there! Learning so much about her!

One man now … they’ve made 91 trips down there!

Wayne who built the dorm is speaking now. Everyone respects her so much!

Don’t ever give up on God. That’s what her grandson is saying she told him … from the time he was a little boy.

The Service

There’s tears as well … people miss her so much. A speaker has just wondered how many souls Erma has harvested for our Lord… probably thousands.

Jim her son is speaking now. He’s talking about the kids down there and how little they had. How happy they always are to receive the smallest cheapest little toy. Jim is thanking God for the changes Mexico caused in his young kids on their first trip down.

Soooo many stories!

The Service

Judy is showing slides and telling stories about the ministry.  Such a life of laughter with her friends …. no, family down there.

Now there is open mike – people are telling stories. More laughter.

The Service

We sang How Great Thou Art. Now Judy is speaking. Everyone has a smile on their face. Lots of stories are coming out. In 2009 Mother Erma of the Baja was voted Woman of the Year down there.

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We’ll it looks like I’ll be luading the ohitis tonight … on the memorial website (not the blog).


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