The Service is Done ….

… wellllll sort of. An hour later and people are still lingering … chatting. I almost expect to step out into a cool Baja night and head back to Erma’s compound fir cake and a sit down around her outdoor fire pit. Cars will drive by playing all kinds of lively music. If it’s Christmas the Coke bottles will start exploding soon. And at 8 am the band down the street will start rehearsing. The neighbour’s rooster will keep crowing on and off all day. And two things will be sure to be happening …. people will be stopping by and Erma will


2 responses to “The Service is Done ….

  • Sally Hogg

    Thank you so much for the memorial service details! Wish we could have attended! We reside in California but have been deeply touched by Erma and her ministry! She definately was a beautiful, Godly woman who loved the people she ministered to. Erma has touched the lives of many!

  • debra cole

    How wonderful it was to “participate” this way in the service. I could just hear the people telling the wonderful stories about ERMA. Bless you for doing this. Looking forward to our trip down there in July
    In His Name

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