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For over twenty years, Erma Fennell, commonly referred to as “Mother Erma of the Baja”, has been ministering to the people of Baja California, Mexico. Originally operating entirely on her own, Ms. Fennell travelled to the poor and destitute in remote villages, migrant camps, and towns providing medicine, food, clothes, whatever was needed.

Over the years more and more people from Canada and the United States heard of Erma’s work and were inspired to come and help out. With the help of her good friend, Pastor Victor, and volunteers from churches and youth groups the ministry grew and grew.

In 2006 the property Erma used as her home and base camp came up for sale. Lacking the funds to purchase the property herself it looked like the ministry might be finished. God had another idea. At literally the 11th hour an anonymous benefactor appeared and not only purchased the land on Erma’s behalf, he financed the construction of a beautiful dormitory building capable of housing 40 volunteers at a time!

Today the Erma Fennel Foundation for Needy Children continues to minister to the poor, the sick, and the needy in the Baja AND provides hands-on opportunities for individuals, church groups, and other organizations to help the poor.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved.

What We Do

Every week , Erma and her volunteers bring food to the residents, including milk and peanut butter, stew, or soup and tortillas. For many of them, these provisions are the only food they’ll eat in a day. Adults and children line up, grateful to receive their food rations, as well as hugs and kisses!

Ministering to the Working Poor

For almost twenty years now, Erma Fennell has faithfully given her time, talent, and resources to minister to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the northern Baja region of Mexico.

Many of the people that she serves live in deplorable conditions, with dirt floors, leaky plastic roofs, illness, inadequate nutrition, and economic oppression.

Many are working poor who cannot afford basic necessities that we take for granted.

As importantly, Erma and her volunteer teachers provide spiritual guidance to those who have never heard of Jesus. Children find joy in singing worship songs in their native dialects, and hearing Bible stories.

Many of the people have never heard of Jesus before, and greet the message of the Gospel with hope and longing. God has graciously opened the doors to Erma, and the fields are ripe for harvest.

“… I was naked, and you gave me clothing, I was sick, and you looked after me…” (Matthew 25:36)

Donated clothing from Erma’s storehouse is freely distributed to all in need. Winter nights in the desert are cold, and without heat or insulation in their houses, many people become sick.

Medical Health Blindness – Requires Content
Immediate Needs – Requires Content
Outreach / Feeding – Requires Content
House Building Ministry – Requires Content
Volunteer Opportunities (Dormitory, groups, testimonies)

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