Although Victor has worked with me for ten years, few people have met him or know anything about him. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Victor Manuel Hernandez Argulles, my loyal and faithful co-worker and brother in Christ.

I met Victor one day in early 2000 in what was known then, as the “Carrot Camp” situated some miles NE of Camalu. Victor was living there and driving a water delivery truck to this camp on a regular basis. We were holding an outdoor service that day and I invited him to join us. He did so, at first reluctantly and from a distance – he stood about midway between his water truck and our group meeting. As the weeks passed, he continued to come closer and one day, he came forward to accept Christ as his Saviour. Soon afterwards, in the spring of 2000, he was water baptized in a river that ran behind that camp. I encouraged Victor to study God’s word and he completed the Bible lessons I prepared for him promptly. He was hungry for more, so he decided to enroll in the local Bible School two year program.  After completing the first year in May 2001, he returned to Oaxaca to assist with a family matter there. A year later, in August 2002, Victor returned to complete his second year at the Bible College in Vicente Guerrero. He graduated with honors and at the top of his class in May 2003.

Victor began working with me as a young,single man – First of all as a volunteer while he attended the Bible School & then full time in our various outreach ministries and construction programs. In April 2005, he married Josefina and they live across the road from our compound in their newly renovated house. Victor is well respected by local pastors and receives many invitations to preach in churches – from as far north as Tijuana in the Northern Baja Region to Mulege in Baja California Sur. Twice, he traveled east to Oaxaca, Mexico to assist local churches there for a six week period. His family still live there and he also spends time with them during this time of ministry. This is where his heart is – ministering to his own people – and his passion is to preach God’s word.

The recent appointment of a Business Manager for the Foundation, will free Victor from many administrative responsibilities and he will be even more involved in our mission outreach programs. In addition to these activities, Victor will continue in his role as Projects Manager, coordinating and assisting volunteer groups with their construction projects. As a local Board member, Victor continues to advise and support me in the many decisions that this growing ministry makes on a daily basis. He has worked steadfastly and faithfully alongside me for ten years now and together we have seen significant growth of the Ministry. I value his contribution and am proud to call him my friend.

In His glorious service,
Erma Fennell


One response to “Victor

  • Vickie and Joe Millhouse

    I met Victor 6 years agoon my first mission trip to the Baja.what a glorious man of God he is. He helped our team last year when we built our first house for a single mom and her 2 children.We learned a lot about Victor and his life during that week and how much he has helped Erma in the past years, I pray he will continue to help Erma’s ministry grow and thrive. Vickie

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